Thursday, August 16, 2012

New comments and posting policies

Behind the scenes of this blog and the don't get caught blog on social media and communications, there's been a lot of activity--so I need to share these updates about new policies and frequency of posts:
  • Comments:  Comments have always been an important part of all my blogs. Unfortunately, of late, both blogs have seen a great increase in two kinds of spam comments: the robotic kind--sometimes in massive attacks--and the promotional "I'm going to write a clever comment with backlinks to my book/post/website" kind (which might also be called "get your own blog" comments). Both are in violation of my existing comments policy, and both have proven problematic in terms of attracting robotic spam. Moderation of the great increase in both kinds of comments just isn't feasible. So I'm going to now require you to register in order to comment. It's not a lengthy procedure, and if you wish, you can use the OpenID Foundation's options for accelerating this process safely. I've come close to having both blogs shut down in recent weeks, due to the spam influx. I hope this won't limit your willingness to share on-topic and appropriate comments on any post; I certainly don't want to have to go as far as forbidding all comments. So help me do this well!
  • Posting: I post on both blogs three times a week, but for the next few months, I'll be reducing my posts to two posts per week, per blog. Fridays will still see the "famous speech Friday" posts on The Eloquent Woman, and the "weekend read" on the don't get caught blog. In addition to those weekly features, I'll be posting on Tuesdays on the DGC blog and on Wednesdays on The Eloquent Woman. You'll also find daily links and resources on the DGC on Facebook page and The Eloquent Woman on Facebook page.
  • Closed:  Both blogs are taking a few days off on August 23 and 24.
Happy to hear your questions, comments and concerns, so do register and share them! I appreciate, as always, your readership.