Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Workshop: What goes into a TED-quality talk, 15 April in Cambridge, UK

I'm delighted to announce my newest and next workshop for speakers and speechwriters: What goes into a TED-quality talk, set for 15 April in Cambridge, England, at the Spring Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference.

This full-day, in-depth session will help speakers, speechwriters, and conference organizers--including those organizing or speaking at TEDx conferences--to learn from my experiences coaching nearly 100 speakers for talks that appeared on the TEDMED stage, at TEDx conferences around the world, and on TED.com. I've given talks about crafting TED talks before, but this workshop will dive deeper, helping you get a head start on an excellent talk whether you're writing, producing, or delivering it.

I'll show you what goes into a presentation that achieves a TED standard,  so that your 18-minute-or-less talk can go beyond merely mimicking the style to create your own original and compelling TED talk. You’ll discover how to plan for video as well as for the stage, and how to think about delivery as well as structure and preparation. You’ll study why and how TED presentations engage, surprise, intrigue, inspire and put forward “ideas worth sharing." 

Specifically, you will learn to use the following tools:
  1. How to get past the obvious and identify the real story that will become your script
  2. Vulnerability, intrigue and more: the qualities that take TED talks viral
  3. What to leave out of your talk
  4. Structures and how much you can get into the shorter formats
  5. How to decide whether you benefit from props, slides, or a demonstration
  6. Considerations that will help you plan for the video
  7. Top delivery tips specific to TED talks, from strong starts to gesture, pace, and vocalizing
This will be a hands-on workshop, so feel free to bring a laptop both for notes and to get started on or refine your TED talk. If you know you'll be speaking at or organizing a TEDx conference in the coming year, this is a focused day to get the coaching you need to shine. If you're writing "TED-like" or "TED-style" talks for your speaker, come find out how to elevate them to TED-quality talks.

The workshop is a pre-conference session, and you can register for both the workshop and the conference, or just the workshop--although I recommend you attend both sessions. This is a joint meeting of the UK Speechwriters Guild and the European Speechwriter Network. We're meeting at Westminster College at the University of Cambridge in England, an easy train ride from London and a beautiful setting for learning about TED-quality talks. You can book accommodations in the college on the registration page.

Register and get the reader discount

Readers of mine get a special discount: Sign up for What goes into a TED-quality talk and get a £100 discount with the promotion code EloquentTED. (That's just over $155 in US dollars at the moment.) You can register for the workshop and the conference here.

I hope you'll join me for this new and useful workshop, but if you're unsure, check out these testimonials from speakers I've coached and from workshop attendees:

"How good is Denise as a speech coach? I would call her a professional's professional. You can be in the business 25 years and still learn a lot from her, in part because she herself is always learning and growing....As an added bonus, she's really fun to work with."

--Marcus Webb, chief storytelling officer, TEDMED

"Denise helped me immensely with my TEDx talk, providing edits to the content and expert coaching on my delivery, stage presence, and tone. She also had lots of very practical advice and tricks-of-the-trade that I'll be able to use for future presentations." 

--Megan Moynahan, executive director of the Institute for Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University and chief policy officer at Scanadu

"My talks were extremely well received, something which I attribute significantly to Denise’s help. In the workshop, I defined what eloquent meant to me as “poised”, which is exactly the word a conference organiser used to describe me on stage. I recommend Denise wholeheartedly...."
--Cate Huston, software engineer

"Denise prepared for my TEDMED talk. I don't mind speaking to small groups or teaching, but the idea of performing -- what a horror. I'm the valedictorian who skipped town and missed her graduation because she didn't want to explain why she wouldn't / couldn't give the class graduation speech. How was this basket case of a speaker supposed to do a TEDMED talk in front of a thousand people? -- Denise helped me make it happen!"

--Sigrid Fry-Revere, President of he Center for Ethical Solutions

"I found her instruction clear and insightful, her tips useful and her presentation style engaging....Denise can offer you practical guidance that you'll be able to put into practice immediately. I particularly appreciated her emphasis on understanding a speaker's needs and motivations in order to help them deliver the best possible presentation."

--Binghamton University's director of research advancement Rachel Coker

"If you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop with @dontgetcaught, do it! Best training I've ever had. Informative and eye-opening."

--Ashley Berthelot, director of research communications, Louisiana State University

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