Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Registration open for 'Be The Eloquent Woman' workshop in Amsterdam

I'm delighted to say that you can now register for the European Speechwriter Network Conference, taking place in Amsterdam on October 24--and also for Be The Eloquent Woman, my workshop on women and public speaking, which is one of three pre-conference sessions taking place October 23.

Both the conference and the workshops are wonderful professional development opportunities for executives who want to improve their public speaking and communication skills. The other two pre-conference sessions are on speechwriting, and on cartooning for speechwriters.

Be The Eloquent Woman is a workshop that has been attended by executives from  the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Clifford Chance, Google, Little Brown Publishing, Procter and Gamble, the University of Virginia, the U.S. Department of the Interior, and many more businesses, universities and nonprofits. Previous sessions have been held in the United States and Britain, and I'm thrilled to bring the workshop to The Netherlands next.

The approach in this workshop differs markedly from other courses about women in leadership communications--we won't be telling you to "lean in" or to "close the confidence gap." It's true that women report fearing public speaking more than men do -- but they may have more reason than just nervousness. We'll take a subversive look at the issues, so you understand that, many times, your lack of confidence doesn't stem from your own skills and abilities.

Women are more frequently “talked over” in meetings or their points are ignored, then claimed by male participants. Women working in the public sphere often find journalists focus on their appearance, rather than their message.

This workshop is designed to help women executives and politicians improve their public speaking with better confidence, content and credibility. You will acquire strategies for succeeding as a speaker, whether you do most of your public speaking in meetings and on conference calls, or in the public arena. We'll help you think through putting together a "message wardrobe," not the one you hang in your closet, but the most common types of speaking tasks you'll encounter.

Go here to read more about the workshop. Participants will learn:
  • Techniques for overcoming the fear of big occasions
  • How to prepare a script
  • Strategies for reading or speaking without notes
  • Advantages women bring to public speaking and how to bring them to the fore
  • Lessons from outstanding American women
  • Putting together a “message wardrobe” to be prepared for any speaking situation
  • How to get more speaking opportunities and make the most of them
  • What conference organisers are looking for in speakers, and what’s preventing women from achieving parity on conference podiums
  • How women speakers are perceived, in public settings and in the workplace and how you can subvert expectations
By taking this course you will increase your confidence and take an important step in your professional development as a speaker. Please join me in Amsterdam in October, and share this unusual training session and conference with your friends and colleagues!

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