Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Toastmasters article on social media and public speaking

My latest article for Toastmaster, the magazine of Toastmasters International, is available to members. Many readers of The Eloquent Woman may not know that, in addition to coaching public speakers, I help clients with social media strategies--so researching and writing this article falls right in my sweet spot. That's how I knew about the opening example: White House speechwriters using Instagram to share blurred pictures of the President's State of the Union address, a work in progress.

"The Social Media Edge" looks at:
  • How any speaker can use social media to prepare, rehearse, and deliver a speech;
  • How to share your speech, elicit questions, promote your talk, and handle audience interaction before, during, and after the session;
  • My recommendations for tools and apps, from note-taking sites like Evernote to networks for public speakers. If you use my link for Evernote, you can test-drive a month of its premium service for free; and
  • Toastmasters' social sites, where you can participate in an ongoing discussion of public speaking.
As before, if you're a member of Toastmasters, you'll already have this article in your hands. Everyone can see this issue at the end of July on the "current issue" page of the magazine.

I'll be leading Be The Eloquent Woman, my day-long workshop on women and public speaking, as a pre-conference session at the European Speechwriter Network's autumn speechwriters and business communicators conference in Amsterdam. The workshop is 23 October and the conference is 24 October. You'll learn how to speak with confidence, content and credibility to subvert the common expectations of women speakers. Please join me!