Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Is your metaphor workshop appropriate for an academic scientist?"

I got a question on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook last week about my upcoming workshop,  Add Meaning with Metaphor: Improve your Speeches with the Most Powerful Figure of Speech. I decided to share the question in case there are others wondering the same thing. Here it is:
Hi, Denise -- Would the Edinburgh workshop be appropriate for an academic scientist ? I have been following your blog and advice, and would love the opportunity to hear from you directly  - but I realise the target audience is quite different. 
I was quick to reply: The workshop is absolutely appropriate for an academic scientist. While it takes place as a pre-conference session to a speechwriting conference, the workshop is designed to work for both speakers of all kinds and speechwriters, in all sectors.

But there are other reasons why it's an appropriate workshop for an academic scientist. First, metaphor is particularly useful when you're trying to convey the meaning of a complex technical or scientific concept, something that's difficult to describe and difficult to comprehend. So you might say that scientists are indeed a target audience for workshop on metaphor.

It also happens that I've spent most of my career as a professional communicator working with scientists, scientific societies, and research institutions, helping them to translate their work for public audiences. And truth be known, some of your colleagues are already ahead of you--our speechwriting group includes at least one engineer and science communicator.

If you've been holding back on registering for the workshop for this or similar reason, hold back no more. Let us help you find the metaphors that best describe your work, no matter what that work may be.

The workshop is an October 20 pre-conference session at the Edinburgh Speechwriters and Business Communicators Conference, and we'll be meeting at the Scottish Parliament. Speakers and speechwriters all are welcome! You can register here for just the workshop, the conference, or both, and you'll get the best discount if you sign up by August 1.

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