Friday, January 1, 2016

Tip bonanza: Top 10 posts & guest posts on The Eloquent Woman 2015

In addition to publishing famous speeches by women and articles to read on women and public speaking, the core of this blog lies in the posts that share public speaking advice and insight. In addition to the posts I write, the blog also features wonderful insights from real-life speakers' guest posts. Here are two top-10 lists for the year 2015, collecting your most-read posts and guest posts from the blog, a fantastic collection of public speaking advice to round out the year:

Our top 10 posts:
  1. Speechwriters, don't write differently for women. Write differently for men answers a question I get often from male speechwriters.
  2. 3 easy, evidence-based ways to calm your public-speaking nerves offers deceptively simple ways to beat speaking stress, all based on solid research. Just do them.
  3. From the vault: 16 public speaking tips for eloquent scientists collects posts on a wide range of speaking issues faced by technical speakers.
  4. On women and speaking up in meetings: Lessons after JLaw's essay looked at reactions to actor Jennifer Lawrence's take on how women are viewed in meetings, and busted some myths and expectations.
  5. Did I just get public speaking advice? Shade? Or a virtual shut-up? considers the type of advice you get that may just be designed to keep you from speaking in public.
  6. Coaching a cadre of speakers to give TED-quality talks shares a case study for my work coaching groups of executives to give short talks in the style of TED, and transform their presentation style at the same time.
  7. 4 risks when you assume your audience knows what you know cautions about this common assumption and how it can change what you present.
  8. What if the audience already knows everything I have to say? tackles the fear of many junior speakers.
  9. The commute communicator: Practicing speeches in your car divulges a practice regimen that many of my clients use when trying to memorize a talk.
  10. Make your talk better with practice and memorization looks at how you can better memorize a talk, a great skill to possess as a speaker.
And our top 10 guest posts:
  1. Feel the fear and film your talk, anyway shares speaker coach Caroline Goyder's experience with her TEDxBrixton talk, along with the advantages of getting video of yourself speaking.
  2. Talk About the Talk: Dr. Lucy Rogers on space debris at InspireFest shares prep and delivery experience for a talk that was complimented as suitable for TED.
  3. The Woman Speaker Slot shares engineer Cate Huston's view of being asked to be the token woman speaker, and how she handles such requests.
  4. Public speaking pet peeves from frequent speakers and speechwriters compiles sound advice on everything from slides and stories to audience participation no-nos.
  5. Talk About the Talk: Margot Bolon's maid of honor speech recounts a big talk with a big technology fail...and how it turned out to be an aid to the humorous approach of this speaker.
  6. Talk About the Talk: Resa Lewiss, MD, at TEDMED describes prep and delivery for a high-stakes talk. I'm pleased that TEDMED shared this post with 2015 speakers to help them prepare for the conference this year!
  7. 5 tips from speakers on getting past practice to great delivery describes tips and advice on one of the biggest stumbling blocks our guest posters experience in preparing for high-stakes talks.
  8. 5 speakers share what using a script did for their talks notes that many speakers don't think of using a script, and what they find out when they try it. Based on our guest posters' experiences!
  9. Storytelling tips from frequent speakers and speechwriters asks master storytellers how you can master a story, whether you leave it out entirely or want it to shine.
  10. Talk About the Talk: Lisa Lamkins at the Align health quality summit advocates prep and practice as the antidote to freezing on stage...with real-life experience!