Monday, July 25, 2016

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

If you want to keep up with my wide-ranging reading list about women and speaking in real time, follow The Eloquent Woman on Facebook where these links are posted all week long--or just head here on Mondays, where I summarize them all for you. Either way, you'll be expanding your understanding of women and speaking:
  • How the Irish lost their words: New storytelling groups are reviving Ireland's ancient art of telling tales.
  • The hands have it: "Preparing a public speech would have involved careful rehearsal of the splay of the fingers, the angle of the hand and how it would be positioned in relation to the body. Hand gestures formed an integral part of speech, of what Cicero called the sermo corporis, the language of the body. They were sometimes considered to be even more important than the content or composition of a speech." Interesting look at the important role our hands play, including in public speaking.
  • Did you miss? This week, we introduced The Eloquent Woman Booklist of books featured on the blog, and Famous Speech Friday shared Melania Trump's Republican National Convention speech and the controversy around it. On the Moderating Panels blog, I shared
  • The early registration discount is ending soon for my Edinburgh workshop in October on how to Add Meaning with Metaphor to your speeches. Use the links at the end of this post to register! Registration will stay open until seats are filled, but why not grab the discount?
  • About the quote: Drew Barrymore hints at a speaking truth: Experience is a great source of material. Find more quotes like this one on our Pinterest board of great quotes by eloquent women.
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