Thursday, December 1, 2016

Our 9 most popular posts on using slides (or not)

I write about all aspects of public speaking on this blog, but it's the posts about slides that get the most traffic...which suggests to me that many of you are struggling. Here are the most popular posts we've published on slides in the last few years, nine gems that should help you reform your bad habits and use slides (or not) to your advantage. In general, there's nothing wrong with slides...if you use them thoughtfully and have real reason to use them. See if my reasons differ from yours:
  1. Myth-busting: Learn the 6 myths about slides that are holding you back as a speaker. Are these what you're telling yourself?
  2. Space exploration: Crowded slides? You need these 3 smart ways to space out--not cram in--your slide content
  3. Data nerd? How many slides you use, and how long you spend on each one, are among the 6 kinds of speaker data to know about yourself
  4. Come out where we can see you: Slides also are among the 6 things you might be hiding behind as a speaker
  5. The life preserver: Are you hanging on to one slide for dear life? I had one client who used to spend 2 hours on his title slide...before we worked together. Here are 7 fixes for that.
  6. Lose them now: Prepping a TED-style talk? Slides might be among those things that should be missing from your TED talk.
  7. Not every picture tells a story: "But all my slides are pictures" isn't a smart public speaking strategy.
  8. First to go: From NASCAR slides to "any questions?" here are 8 kinds of slides to delete right now.
  9. Fly free: Want to fly without slides? Here are 4 good tactics.
(Creative Commons licensed photo by Devon Christopher Adams)

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