Monday, August 7, 2017

The Eloquent Woman's weekly speaker toolkit

I read a lot about women and public speaking, and post my finds first on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook. But I always collect them here for you on Mondays as well. Here's what I've been reading lately:
  • Focus on fear: She's since given a TED talk and many other speeches, but back in 1997, this is what J.K. Rowling was working on as a speaker...
  • Supreme manterruption: Despite being a U.S. Supreme Court justice, new data show that Ruth Bader Ginsburg--and the rest of the females on the court--get the most interruptions. From whom? The men on the court, of course (who do more of the talking overall). Female justices are interrupted 65 percent of the time, as of 2015. And gender is found even more significant than seniority in terms of who gets interrupted.
  • Did you miss? This week, Famous Speech Friday shared Olivia Gatwood's "Ode to My Bitch Face."  Also on the blog, a post that struck a nerve: When the panel moderator won't let the woman panelist speak, and Kathy Day shared this story of her own: "As part of my work as a volunteer Patient Safety Advocate, I have shared the stage with many men. One particular man, a very self absorbed doctor, got hold of the microphone and completely forgot that I was co presenting. He was saying things that I did not agree with and he was dissing the comments and questions from people in our audience. I was sitting next to one of the event organizers and I told her I didn't agree with what the doctor was saying, and I couldn't go along to get along. She said "SAY SOMETHING". So she gave me a microphone too, and I started to say something. He looked around like he couldn't figure out where my voice was coming from..or who I was. During his own grandstanding, he completely forgot that I was there! I said "It's me. I'm over here!" I turned the conversation around by respecting our audience and answering their questions and taking their comments very seriously. I don't always get to control who I share the stage with and this was one of those times. I told the organizers to never pair me with that doctor again. All of this being said, I have also co presented with some of the most amazing and respectful men around. The contrast can be outstanding."
  • About the quote: Don't let this be your language, eloquent women. Wisdom from Hillary Clinton.
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