Thursday, November 2, 2017

5 easy, everyday ways to gently promote yourself as a public speaker

You already know that I advocate making sure your speeches and presentations are published--not just for the record, although that's important, particularly for women speakers. But there's more you can do to gently promote yourself as a speaker and get your next speaking gig. Here are five easy, everyday ways to do that:
  1. Your email signature: Add a line to your email signature with a link to the program for your upcoming speech (or just completed one) and share some quick perspective. Invite people to come see you, or to watch the video.
  2. Your "out of the office" message: Away on a speaking gig? Add it to your out-of-office message to let colleagues and clients know the details, and encourage them to follow it on social media.
  3. Your LinkedIn posts: Had a great reception from your recent audience? Spoke at a major conference? That's a great short update to your LinkedIn profile. Don't forget that you can add videos of your talks, and your SlideShare slides to that profile, too.
  4. Your other social channels: You can start a conversation with your audience ahead of or after your speech, update those who missed you in action, or just note the occasion for the record. Add a particularly good quote from your text, or share that video (see below).
  5. Your friend with a smartphone: No matter when or where you are speaking, recruit a pal to record it on her smartphone. That video can help you learn from the talk, as well as get future gigs--if you post it. Remember that conference organizers look for video to confirm whether you are a good speaker. The production values don't need to be Hollywood-quality...but if you can get a professional video from the organizers, do.
(Creative Commons licensed photo by Dafne Cholet)

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