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I don't just coach speakers. I keep my own speaking skills sharp delivering keynotes, chairing international conferences, and leading training workshops.

I'm a lively and popular speaker who is comfortable in wide range of formats, speaking extemporaneously or from a script. As a chair and moderator, I guarantee on-time starts and finishes and sparkling conversation in between. Time for audience questions is always a priority, and a highlight of my talks and presentations. No audience comes to hear a speaker take up all the allotted time, and I make sure the audience gets a chance to weigh in and learn through questioning.

I'm no stranger to high-stakes speaking. I have testified before the U.S. Congress in my role as Deputy Associate Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency during the Clinton Administration, and spoken in the Palace of Westminster in the British Parliament. I've delivered industry keynotes, chaired conferences and moderated panels, and frequently speak in the training workshops I lead for communicators, public speakers, and speechwriters.

To invite me to speak to your group, email me at eloquentwoman at

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Alex Marklew said: ... I enjoyed the way you ran things. I've been to too many events where the chair is either an unthinking robot or labouring under the impression that everyone in the room is there to see them. You fell into neither of these traps and the event was all the better for it.

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