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On LinkedIn, Marcus Webb, who is the chief storytelling officer for the TEDMED conference, said,"It is a pleasure to write a recommendation for Denise Graveline. Actually, "recommendation" is an understatement -- this is more along the lines of a rave review. Denise is one of those incredible pros who makes excellence look easy...and who makes OTHER people look brilliant and talented. How does she do it? She combines profound knowledge of her craft with a broad array of polished skills and a savvy sense of self-confidence that is infectious.

Here are the details: Denise worked with several of our speakers at TEDMED 2012 -- providing detailed pre-talk preparation for one or two of them. At the event itself, she provided all of our speakers (dozens of people) with three days of continual backstage coaching, hand-holding, and support. And boy, did they (and we) appreciate it.

How good is Denise as a speech coach? I would call her a professional's professional. You can be in the business 25 years and still learn a lot from her, in part because she herself is always learning and growing. 

Denise's wise counsel and calming presence (not to mention her delightfully sly sense of humor) were invaluable assets in keeping our presenters on-keel and on track despite a high-profile, high-pressure setting that can unnerve even an experienced speaker. 

Equally impressive are Denise's specific skills and experience in dealing with scientists, policy wonks and government officials. She knows how to speak their language, how to talk in terms of their values, and how to help them communicate effectively with diverse audiences far outside of their own subcultures. 

As an added bonus, she's really fun to work with. 

We look forward to working with Denise for a very long time to come."

Rosie King, autism activist and TEDMED 2014 speaker, said, "Denise [TEDMED speaker coach] taught me about body language and how to speak to a big audience– that was useful." Her TEDMED talk, "How autism freed me to be myself," was selected to appear on

Megan Moynahan, executive director of the Institute for Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University and chief policy officer at Scanadu, says, "Denise helped me immensely with my TEDx talk, providing edits to the content and expert coaching on my delivery, stage presence, and tone. She also had lots of very practical advice and tricks-of-the-trade that I'll be able to use for future presentations." Take a look at Megan's TEDxBrussels talk from 2013 below:

Cate Huston, software engineer at Google, says, "I've been an avid reader of Denise’s blog The Eloquent Woman for years, and when I returned to public speaking seriously this year, Denise was who I turned to. I attended her event in London, her Eloquent Woman workshop in Oxford, and also had private 1:1 coaching with her in advance of the three talks I gave earlier this year.

Denise helped me clarify my overall narrative, developed parts of my script, and convinced me I was capable of a number of things that I was extremely apprehensive about. Outside of our calls, she provided support and advice.

My talks were extremely well received, something which I attribute significantly to Denise’s help. In the workshop, I defined what eloquent meant to me as “poised”, which is exactly the word a conference organiser used to describe me on stage.

I recommend Denise wholeheartedly, not just on LinkedIn, but in person to all the people I meet who are nervous about getting up on stage.
Allison Kozeliski, Clinical Quality Improvement Manager at HealthInsight New Mexico, said, "Denise provides extensive knowledge, skills and ability to guide and inspire one to 'shine' in public speaking. A real professional, Denise knows when to push you to get the best from your 'inner self', and always has wonderful tidbits of new and important information to show how you can go beyond what you thought you could do. If you want to excel and grow in public speaking or really add and improve on your presentation skills, Denise gives her all in assisting YOU to succeed."

Sigrid Fry-Revere, President of Stop Organ Trafficking Now and the Center for Ethical Solutions, said, "Denise prepared for my TEDMED talk. I don't mind speaking to small groups or teaching, but the idea of performing -- what a horror. I'm the valedictorian who skipped town and missed her graduation because she didn't want to explain why she wouldn't / couldn't give the class graduation speech. How was this basket case of a speaker supposed to do a TEDMED talk in front of a thousand people? -- Denise helped me make it happen!"

Jeff Karp, Associate Professor, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, said, "I had the pleasure of running through my TEDMED talk with Denise the day before delivery. She provided some feedback that was critical to maximizing clarity and impact. Thank you so much Denise for your great help!"

Resa Lewiss is Director of Point-of-Care Ultrasound and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Radiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Watch her TEDMED talk below:

Ginger Pinholster, director of the Office of Public Programs at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, says, "Denise has provided a high level of science communications services for AAAS. In particular, she facilitates daylong training workshops for scientists and engineers who want to hone their communication skills. This task requires developing programmatic content, public speaking, program facilitation, and moderation of all activities throughout the day. Denise is a dynamic, effective media trainer, and also extremely reliable and well-prepared at all times. We are pleased to recommend her."

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  • Business coach and presenting teacher Anke Troder wrote: "Almost every time I read a posting by +Denise Graveline, I nod, smile, and find myself thinking: Exactly. That’s what counts....Maybe it is because theirs are women’s voices. But I’m not sure. I admire them for their expertise, pragmatism, research, and a wide range of interests. But mainly for something I find it hard to put a finger on. Maybe it is a certain online persona modesty. I find that a very endearing virtue."