Speaking engagements

Denise Graveline helps executives at companies, universities, nonprofits and government agencies think through how they're going to communicate--before they step out in public--with communications strategies, message development, and training. For all three, she uses social media as well as traditional communications tools, and can help you use them.  A public speaking and presentation trainer herself, Graveline is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist in public and private settings. She uses humor, high energy and customized content to bring her audiences the latest trends, tips and techniques, and she's committed to ensuring audience participation and ample time for questions. You can find out more about her previous speaking engagements and related resources here.

Speaking Topics

Graveline speaks on a variety of communications, public speaking and social media topics. In the area of public speaking, most organizations and companies ask her to speak about:
  • Integrating social media into your presentations and speeches:  How do you interact with an audience focused on tweeting your every word--let alone the audience eavesdropping from afar?  Can you use Twitter or Facebook to advantage when you speak? How to juggle social media and in-person interaction smoothly.
  • Using social media as a tool to promote your public speaking:  How can you use tools like Twitter, Facebook and online video to get your next speaking gig or promote your talk beyond the room in which you're speaking? This talk can be customized for a variety of professions.
  • Communicating scientific and technical information to public audiences:  Graveline also offers intensive training workshops to help scientists and engineers communicate technical information clearly to broader public audiences, but can provide an overview of the challenges scientists face when facing the public, and how they can help their research avoid getting lost in translation.
  • Women and public speaking:  For most of our history, women were prevented from speaking publicly. Even today, women in many professions--some of them dominated by women--have trouble getting on the program at conferences or getting heard in meetings. This talk combats the 4 big myths about women and speaking (if you've ever said women talk more than men, you've been spreading them), looks at how and why women and men approach public speaking differently, and how women can use their speaking preferences to advantage. Read my keynote on women and public speaking, "The Lady Vanishes," delivered at the 2013 International Speechwriting Conference.
Many more topics are possible, and organizers are encouraged to read the rest of this blog to find topics of interest that match your goals.

To discuss potential speaking engagements for Denise Graveline, email us at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz.