Training for communicators

With more than 25 years of experience in directing communications for major nonprofits and a federal agency, Denise Graveline is a public speaking coach who understands firsthand what communications directors, vice presidents and managers face--and the kind of professional development they need. Her training workshops and retreats for communicators are offered in two ways: general admission workshops where individuals can register, or training and coaching sessions brought to your offices and customized to your communications team's needs.  Based in Washington, DC, she works with clients around the U.S. and offers public speaking and presentation training opportunities that include:
  • Public speaking and presenting skills workshops for your communications teams or for individuals, to be sure they live up to your clients' expectations for communicating in meetings, presentations and speeches. Many of these focus on dynamic speaking skills and handling extemporaneous speaking tasks, such as question-and-answer sessions. Workshops also are available in customized form for your members, employees or other groups, on-site at your workplace or at an annual meeting or conference.
  • Social media workshops to introduce your organization or company to best practices and clever ideas to meet your goals with social media; to help you develop a social-media policy; or to launch useful pilot projects that you can use to test new ideas effectively. Need to make your blog sustainable or figure out where to go next with your Facebook page? Want to figure out how to migrate your strategy from old-school communications to a social-media world? We can design custom workshops to meet your needs.
  • Train-the-trainer workshops on how to work effectively with your experts when putting them before media and public audiences.
  • Writing workshops for communicators to bring your team or individuals into alignment with your standards or to advance their skills. I also offer one-on-one writing coaching. 
  • Media relations workshops to improve your relationships with reporters and better mine your resources for news opportunities.
Also available are coaching services for communications directors and managers, often for first-time managers or those new to communications; to seasoned directors who need to advance their professional development at a high level; and to communications directors who need to develop a special skill.

To inquire about training workshops or individual coaching for communicators, email info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz.

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