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If you want to improve your public speaking and presenting, 1:1 coaching advances your skills further and faster than any other method. This individualized coaching offers several benefits:
  • A private, confidential process that gives you a safe place to practice, fail, make changes and course corrections, and ultimately feel ready to succeed as a speaker.
  • Coaching that starts where you are, wherever you are in your development as a speaker and presenter. You might be stepping on the stage for the first or the 500th time, or returning after a long absence. From beginner to seasoned speaker, we can address the skills you've never learned, the habits you need to unlearn, and the updated public speaking and presenting practices you'll need going forward. Unlike a group training, where we're trying to get many people to one level, this coaching is focused on you.
  • The ability to move at your pace. 1:1 coaching isn't automated. If you're able to master skills quickly, we can move on quickly to the next level. If you need more time to perfect your delivery or the structure of your talk, we'll take the time to polish it like a jewel.

What can 1:1 speaker coaching include?

1:1 coaching can include any or all of these options:
  • helping you come up with an idea and structure for a talk, speech or presentation;
  • writing your speech or presentation for you;
  • preparation of a specific speech or presentation, or more general coaching;
  • reviewing and suggesting edits to a speech or presentation you are writing;
  • sharing research, quotes, examples and other content to add to your speech;
  • suggesting delivery options including use of props, gesturing, timing, pacing, movement, use of slides or other visuals, and more;
  • help using notes or a script effectively, and help when you need to memorize your talk or speak without notes;
  • practical help with public-speaking nerves and confidence;
  • reviewing audio or video recordings of your practice;
  • watching you rehearse to give immediate feedback and suggest work-arounds for problem areas; 
  • suggesting specific types of practice to do on your own; and
  • discussing strategy and giving you pointers, tips and encouragement.
Can observers attend a 1:1 coaching session?

Well, that wouldn't be 1:1, now, would it? I discourage observers, no matter what their role might be, when I'm coaching an individual speaker 1:1, and charge extra for observers in my group sessions and 1:1 sessions. Let's discuss your thinking and goals if you wish to include an observer.

Coaching a cadre of speakers 1:1

It might sound like a puzzle, but I'm often asked to coach a group of speakers 1:1. Your program, company, organization, or conference may wish to field a group of speakers, each of whom needs to deliver an individual talk in the same session or meeting, on the same general topic area, or for an entire conference or competition. I've coached groups of speakers 1:1 in a variety of situations, including:
  • On-site as backstage coach for the TEDMED conference since 2011, where I work with speakers whose talks are largely developed. We work on every kind of last-minute delivery coaching, run through talks and refine them, and get the speakers focused and ready. And yes, it's possible to achieve significant improvements with speakers, even this close to the actual talk.
  • For Shark Tank-style five-minute pitches of innovative ideas, often in a competition for grant funds. I've coached several cadres of university leaders to do these pitches on behalf of their projects for two initiatives of the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities: its Coalition of Urban-Serving Universities and Urban Universities for Health, among others.
  • For a group of 16 five-minute "spotlight talks" at the annual conference of Aligning Forces for Quality, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This organization asked me to work with their cadre of speakers from the time the talks were conceived and created through the on-stage delivery. In this case, we mixed group and 1:1 approaches, starting with a workshop for all 16 speakers, then 1:1 remote coaching over a two-month period, followed by backstage coaching on the day of the event. Read more about coaching a cadre of speakers to give TED-quality talks, including a link to all 16 videos of the talks.
In person, remotely, or a mix of both?

I work 1:1 with speakers in person whenever possible and for the best results. I'm based in Washington, DC, and can coach you here, or I'm happy to travel to your location if that's more convenient. But I also work remotely with speakers all over the world. Go to my remote coaching page to find out more about what we can accomplish in remote coaching, along with apps, tools, and technology to make your remote coaching easier and more effective.

Let's get started

Read what clients say about my coaching, then email me at eloquentwoman at about your coaching needs. I'm looking forward to working with you!

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