Work with Denise remotely

Working in person with coaching clients is the gold standard--but you'd be surprised at what we can accomplish remotely, an option that often better fits your location and schedule. We'll take advantage of technology to help you make progress, even when we're not in the same room. If you need remote coaching, I can:
  • write and share drafts of your speech or presentation;
  • review and suggest edits to a speech or presentation you are writing;
  • share research, quotes, examples and other content to add to your speech;
  • review audio or video recordings you make of yourself practicing, and offer feedback in a subsequent call or as we watch the video together online;
  • watch you rehearse in a video call to give immediate feedback and suggest work-arounds for problem areas; 
  • suggest specific types of practice to do on your own between coaching calls; and
  • discuss strategy and give you pointers, tips and encouragement.
When you're working remotely with a speaker coach, technology can help to make up for the distance, whether that's a video call or recording, or shared files of your text. Speakers working with me remotely may wish to use the apps, tools, and services noted below to make the process easier. Many of these tools have free options, and in many cases, using my links will get you discounts or introductory special rates for paid options; I note the discounts below. 

Making video or audio files

You don't need lots of special equipment to make a video of yourself practicing your speech, and it's a valuable practice aid and way to get feedback remotely. Of course, you can use a camcorder, or try these easy options. Grab a trusted friend to operate the "camera" if you can:
See the section below on sharing files for options for sharing your video with me.

Coaching video calls

Of course, we can speak in a phone call, but often, speaker coaching is aided by the use of video calls. Here are some of the apps I use:
  • Skype is what I use most of the time for coaching calls. It allows 1:1 or group calls for up to 10 people total with both video and voice. The bonus: It's free, worldwide. I sometimes use Call Trunk--only with your permission--to record video, audio, or both if we need to retain a copy of the practice you do on such a call.
  • Google+ Hangouts also let me talk with you 1:1 or in a small group using both video and voice technology.
Sharing files

It's no help to your coaching to keep that video or audio all to yourself. Here are some options for sharing video, audio, and text files with me during your coaching:
  • Evernote is my workhorse utility for public speaking. I save resource material, write scripts, share notebooks with every kind of file (video, audio, text, photos), and now can even chat in real time using this program. Check out my post on 15 ways I use Evernote for my own public speaking and to coach speakers, and use my Evernote link to set up a free account and get a free month of its Premium service. If you only want one program for everything, this very well may be it. I create shared notebooks for coaching clients who use Evernote to make it easier for us to share files.
  • Dropbox is another file-sharing service that lets you upload big files in many formats that might be too large to send via email.  If you use my link and install a free Dropbox app on your computer, you'll get 500MB of free storage.
  • Google Drive also offers a free sharing option for any file you're storing on the drive. Just right-click to get the drop-down menu and click on "share."