Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wear blue for your audience--and video

For your next speech, presentation, or media interview, take a cue from the curtains you see behind nearly every press conference, and wear blue near your face. News shows and newsmaking organizations have made the blue-curtain background ubiquitous to help the viewing audience, because this shade of blue:
  • flatters virtually every skin color;
  • focuses attention where you want it,on your face; and 
  • for those with light hair (blonde or red), white hair, or no hair, adds the visual emphasis and focus that darker hair provides for others.
For preference, try a shade of blueshown here in several examples. Because women have more options in terms of suit colors, they might choose a French blue sweater, scarf or jacket. Can't find a shirt or blouse that's precisely this shade of blue? Go ahead and wear a lighter shade of blue. This works well not only in a television or video close-up, but when you're at the lectern or on stage as well.
 called "French blue,"

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