Wednesday, November 14, 2007

too many speeches? call in the cavalry

We chuckled at this tidbit in the New York Times Magazine interview of noted scholar Patty Limerick, a University of Colorado at Boulder professor of American history and the chair of the school’s Center of the American West in a recent issue about movies and the West. The interview suggested that she didn't sound like a "big fan of westerns," and her reply was:
It took me a very long time to admit to myself that the main reason I don’t watch many western movies, of the John Wayne kind of western movies, is that I dissolve with desire to have John Wayne take control of my life. I want John Wayne to come to my office and answer the phone and say, “The little lady isn’t making any more speaking engagements, buddy.”
Do you need John Wayne to fight off the requests for speeches? Maybe not, but do consider asking requesters enough questions about the engagement in advance to be sure it's worth the effort you'll be putting into it. What's in it for you? Hold out for more benefits than a ride into the sunset.

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