Sunday, April 27, 2008

JFK speechwriter interviewed

Eloquent women take notes from all sorts of sources, men included, and so we note that the New York Times Magazine interviews John F. Kennedy's speechwriter Ted Sorensen, today, in part about his forthcoming memoir. He proves as eloquent an interview subject as a speechwriter. Here's Deborah Solomon's question, and his answer, about the power of eloquent speech from a president:
What do you make of Hillary’s comment that Obama’s promises and speeches are “just words”? Kennedy’s rhetoric when he was president turned out to be a key to his success. His mere words about Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba helped resolve the worst crisis the world has ever known without the U.S. having to fire a shot.
Remember those mere words the next time you're preparing a speech. Think about your potential to impact the audience. Is your speech--and its delivery--going to live up to that promise?

(Photo credit: Robert L. Knudsen/National Archives via pingnews.)