Tuesday, October 7, 2008

campaign image: Palin

Another staple of the campaign trail for women: The fashion assessment. Here's Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan's take on Sarah Palin's wardrobe and appearance choices:
Her clothes don't have the aura of sophistication like that of Michelle Obama's sheaths and pearls. They do not have a patina of glamour like Cindy McCain's heiress wardrobe. And they do not announce themselves with the confidence, assertiveness and listen-to-me-ness of Sen. Hillary Clinton's bold pantsuits. Palin's clothes are common. Everyone knows someone who dresses like her, which is partly why so many folks seem to think that they know her.
Givhan notes at the end of her review that Palin's ability to answer questions is itself an unanswered question. As an unpdate on yesterday's post, a major poll taken since the debate show that voters like her--but don't think she's ready for the vice presidency.