Monday, June 29, 2009

help teenage girls with an eloquent video

UPDATE: Submit your videos to Nina Simon at nina[at]museumtwo[dot]com. I know I've already asked you to make a short video of yourself to enter the Eloquent Woman's contest to win 15 weeks of free coaching to step up your public speaking. But while you're at it, make another video -- this one to help a camp for young girls interested in technology. I'll let Nina Simon, who created Museum 2.0, tell you more about what she's looking for in these videos:
I'm developing a camp for teenage girls (rising 9th graders) with the Girls Math and Science Partnership about expressing yourself through technology. It's a weeklong camp, with the pilot happening this summer at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh and then spreading next year to several science museums around the country.

As part of the camp, we want to give the girls access to videos by inspiring women who express themselves uniquely through technology. I'm particularly looking for women from diverse backgrounds (a lot of the girls in these camps are immigrants, African-American, and Hispanic, and we want to reflect that women like them can be successful in tech). These girls are at the point where they don't even know the range of possibilities of where tech can take them professionally, and while we'll be introducing them to several cool avenues in camp (electric fashion, codebreaking, circuit-bending, game design), we also want to expose them to real adults doing this stuff every day.

Would you consider making a short (3-5 min video) for us? It would be internal to the camp website and would not be publicly available. I'd want you to share your name, city, and age, and cover some subset of these topics:

- what career do you consider yourself? how do you name it?
- where did you start?
- how do you express yourself through technology?
- what do you use as inspiration?
- how do you solve tough problems?
- what are your big dreams
- how do you think differently?

What do you think? I know the girls would love to hear about your work. I'd be hoping to receive final videos by July 10.
Please contribute if you can to this important project...a wonderful way to show young girls how eloquent women use technology to express themselves.

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Unknown said...

You don't have any contact information for who to send the camp videos to. To whom should they be submitted?