Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jump into June's top tips

Summer got off to a great start with these, our top 10 tips on the Eloquent Woman blog for June. Readers jumped into posts about speaking as a tour guide, research for blushing speakers, great storytelling, and our new contest. Check out this winning team of tips from June:
  1. You love a contest: Hands down, the new Eloquent Woman contest, 15 Weeks to Step Up Your Speaking, topped our most popular posts this month. You have till July 31 to enter yourself (or a colleague) to win free speaker coaching and a great Flip camera!
  2. The tour guide as speaker intrigued dozens of readers this month, with a post focusing on a woman sander at the Martin Guitar Factory who served as my tour guide in June. Read about her training and what worked for her audience.
  3. Our top current women speakers series continued to draw a large audience--it features video examples nominated by readers. In June, a guest post added thoughts about women commencement speakers.
  4. Developing a message by using the rule of three--from a post on the SixMinutes blog--
    attracted lots of readers looking to put their eloquent content together.
  5. Storytelling's a basic speaker skill. But telling a story on yourself is tough. Learn from a master storyteller in this popular post.
  6. Inspiration from learning the guitar helped one speaker get over her fear of public speaking--and led to a new web site for music makers, too.
  7. The blushing speaker is the focus of new research. It may send a helpful signal to your audience--or distract you.
  8. Dance helped inspire another speaker, who once worked as a bellydancer and shares two posts with us about what it taught her as a speaker. Go here and here to see her insights.
  9. Will you speak as a moderator? Before you start that panel, check our tips on "everything in moderation."
  10. A radio tour survivor shares her tips with us for what speakers can do to get through lots of successive interviews in a short time period.

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