Friday, June 26, 2009

more on dancing as speaker inspiration

Katie Kemple's back with more ideas about how dance (or really, any performance art) can help you build skills that will serve you well as a speaker. Posting on the Women Grow Business blog, she offers us part 2 of her lessons-learned from her time working as a bellydancer. Once again, she does a great job tying her performing to concrete steps speakers can take to rev up their storytelling. Here's a sample from one of her key points, "Encourage participation:"
I always knew I was having a good night when the audience got up to dance. It meant I had converted them from audience members to participants. That’s why as a speaker, I try to give the audience an opportunity to act. Whether it’s raising a hand, offering a comment, or demonstrating a concept, when you involve people, you win advocates. And that additional support is what often converts a presentation from mediocre to memorable.
Kemple also includes tips on repurposing your best stories, strong starts and finishes, and communicating with heart. Enjoy this extended view from the dancer's stage to your stage.

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