Wednesday, September 9, 2009

week 2: Stephanie's core message

Stephanie Benoit was uploading this video for week 2 of our Step Up Your Speaking program while President Barack Obama addressed both houses of Congress tonight, and while I'm certain the chatter about the President's address tied up the Internet, both of them had the same goal: getting a message across.

In Stephanie's case, she's chosen a message that's focused on her future goals, which include:

  • Creating a women's empowerment conference;

  • Writing a book; and

  • Creating a new life and new opportunities for herself and her family.
I asked Stephanie to start with three key points for her message, and these are big ones--but they are also perfect for introducing herself and her intentions in a variety of situations. In other words, she'll be able to use this message when she meets people one-on-one at a networking event or conference, but also can expand them into a longer presentation about her goals. I'll be looking for a way to tie them together, and I'll be posting my coaching session for her this week to follow up on this post. What do you think of her message?