Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stephanie gets tips at Essence conference

Last week, Stephanie Benoit went to the Essence Magazine Empowerment Conference in Chicago, and I suggested she take her Flip camcorderand interview attendees to get their tips on improving her public speaking. You'll recall that among Stephanie's goals is creating a women's empowerment conference of her own. She put the interviews together into a "movie" format with titles, something that's easy to do with the software built into the Flip camcorders. And I noticed that some of her interview subjects called her confident, which is a wonderful reflection of her progress in our Step Up Your Speaking online coaching. Thanks, Stephanie, for being our reporter on the scene! If readers have suggestions, ideas or encouragement for Stephanie, please leave them in the comments.

This week, our coaching will look at what I call the double-edged swords of speaking for women, all of which have to do with appearance: Wardrobe, jewelry, and most important, the image or presence you convey, which goes beyond your outfit. They're all areas that can give women a great advantage--or trip them up. Here's some reading for you--and Stephanie--to do while we put this week's coaching posts together.

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