Thursday, December 31, 2009

December's top 10 public speaking tips

This month, The Eloquent Woman blog wrapped up all sorts of presents, including the final weeks of our Step Up Your Speaking online coaching for Stephanie Benoit. Those posts and more make up our year-end top tips for December. Feel free to leave a comment with the questions, ideas and issues you'd like to see the blog cover in 2010!

  1. Do I speak too fast? Stephanie wanted more ideas on handling speed and pacing, and this popular post walked her through some options for using those and other tactics to add emphasis to her speaking.
  2. I've developed a short message. Now what? How to expand on your message outline was another of Stephanie's questions, and this post proved popular with our readers as well.
  3. Do introverts make better leaders? This post looks at good leadership skills that introverts display--many of which have to do with how and when they speak, or prepare to speak.
  4. Final exam: Speak at the mall is a post that looked at a community-college public speaking class that did just that, parked in front of a JC Penney and competing with mall noise and passers-by.
  5. Would you devote a year to public speaking? This post looks at a journalist who did, with the aim of improving this skills in this area. Let me know if that's on your resolution list for 2010.
  6. Even the most basic speaking tasks, from introducing a speaker to cutting a ribbon at a grand opening, can be spiced up using the tips in this post.
  7. Can you turn a difficult situation into a great speaker anecdote? See how this prominent woman scientist did in sharing her struggle for acceptance.
  8. Practice is essential to improve your speaking skills. This post focuses on how to fit speaking practice into your busy schedule, so you can eliminate that barrier in the coming year.
  9. A year-end wrap-up of the top women speakers featured on the blog this year also proved popular. It's a long list of inspiring examples. Please help me add to it in 2010!
  10. Find other great bloggers on public speaking, from my list of those who've mentioned The Eloquent Woman in recent posts.