Friday, January 29, 2010

January's top tips for public speaking

January's most-read posts from The Eloquent Woman focused on improvements and inspiration to get your new year off to a great speaking start.  Check out these popular tips, news items and advice for public speakers:
  1. What's your vocal image?, a three-post-series by vocal coach Kate Peters, snagged top honors this month. She discusses vocal image in post 1, 3 steps for determining yours in post 2, and finally, how to improve your cadence, volume and clarity.
  2. What do you do when you stutter and lose your train of thought?  That's what a fan of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook asked, and this post offers ideas and suggestions for this two-part challenge.
  3. Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Secretary of State, came in as the third most popular item on the blog this month for her advice to women: "Learn to interrupt."
  4. Why do speakers need a strong, fast start?  To get and hold their audience's attention, lest it slip away. This post explains why you have less time than ever to get started, and how to do it.
  5. Do women speakers apologize too much?  This post started great comments and conversation on the blog and on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook. Add your thoughts to the comments!
  6. Do you use notes--or not?  Readers chimed in on their preferences for written speeches, notes or nothing at all, and I asked some speechwriters to share their views.   
  7. New pages on the blog also proved popular.  This post helps you find the information I've added, including what got this blog started, my training services, what readers and trainees are saying and our speaker resources store.
  8. If public speaking lies "outside your box," it may be a good skil to learn as you age.  This post looks at what training in new skills can do to help the aging brain.
  9. Assess yourself as a speaker, and the better understanding you gain will help you make the process easier. This post guides you toward discovering your "speaker self."
  10. Miep Gies died at age 100, and this post on Anne Frank's protector--who only began public speaking late in life--looks at the inspiration she offers women in sharing their own stories.
Two more notes as January draws to a close:
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