Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Kindle Valentine: Free 2-day shipping

With Valentine's Day just ahead, I'm flooded with great offers for speakers. If you want to gift a lucky speaker an Amazon Kindle--my favorite tool not just for reading, but for storing speech texts and notes--you can have it delivered via free two-day shipping in time for Valentine's Day if you order by February 11.

Go to this link to order the Kindle under the special offer.  If you're going to order it as a gift for someone other than yourself, check the box labeled “show gifting options” before you proceed to checkout so you can add a custom gift note and send the Kindle unregistered.

Here's how I use the Kindle for speaking:
  • To store PDF or Word files of my speeches, notes or talking points. It's small and light enough to be a real space- and weight-saver when you travel, or if you are giving several talks on one trip.
  • To adjust type size automatically for any speaking situation. You have a choice of font sizes, and because the Kindle isn't backlit, it's easier to read from.
  • To carry source material--books, blogs, articles, newspapers--and bookmark it or annotate it for future use in speeches.
  • To keep from shuffling or dropping papers when I speak.  The smaller 6" Kindle is just a bit larger than a large file card, and can be held with one hand or propped up on a lectern. Either size Kindle means you'll never drop a page again.
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