Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Overcoming stuttering by accepting it

Their ranks are small: A tiny percentage of childhood stutterers stay that way as adults, but little is known about the condition.  But for adults who speak with a stutter, the stigma--and anxiety associated with it--may be the biggest barrier to progess. So says this thoughtful article on "Syllables and Self-Esteem" in Bostonia magazine, describing a program at Boston University that works with stutterers to get them to practice their stuttering, talk about it and even announce it to their audiences. One law professor, a longtime stutter said of the therapy: 
The effect has been amazing....The number of times I’ve had a speech block has decreased almost entirely. I’m not trying to hide, not ashamed. I’m not as fluent as other people, but it doesn’t mean I’m not fit for my job.
Check out the article, a useful resource if you stutter or know someone who does.

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