Thursday, July 29, 2010

What are your speaker dreams and aspirations?

It's great to shape your progress as a speaker by imagining where you'd like to go, or to have an outsized goal in mind, something to inspire you to keep working on your skills (just as long as it doesn't tie you up in knots of nervousness).  And for some, it's the audience or event that motivates.  To get at some of those speaker dreams and aspirations, on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, I asked readers to "fill in the blank: "I've always dreamed of giving a speech before the [insert audience or event here]_______________."  Aspirations were running high, and these were some of the dreams speakers and would-be speakers shared:

Rachel Miller said she dreamed of giving a speech before the "Parker Seminar in Las Vegas." It's for chiropractic practitioners.

Nina Nehemiah Blessed wishes to speak at the "Grammy for songwriters, thanking them for my award!"

Christine Clark Geerts has her eye on the halls of power, wanting to address the "Congress or State House."

Christine Cowdrey Mulvin would like to speak before "NASA after returning from space."

Toni Rosati envisions laughter with a presentation for "a comedy club audience."

Marianne Glass Miller hopes to speak before the "parade passes by."

Erin Gearhart wants to commence with a talk before "a graduating class!"

Deborah Barber Adams aims for the diplomatic, with a speech at the "United Nations! :)"

Meg Mobley, a scientist, dreams of speaking before "my family."

Maura At Citi aspires to a message for "Presidents of every country to ask them to make peace with each other!"

Tilly Evan Jones imagines speaking before the "kids I went to High school with."

I suspect there's a longer story behind each of those wishes, and invite all of you to share more of what you aspire to as a speaker, here in the comments or on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook.  If you haven't already done so, hit the "like" button or look to the left on the page for an easy way to suggest it to your friends.

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