Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How'd that "Good on Your Feet" dynamic speaking workshop go--and what's next?

I've been at lots of meetings since last week's "Good On Your Feet: Dynamic Speaking Skills" workshop in Washington, DC, and keep hearing "how did the workshop go?"  I'll let the participants' feedback answer that question. Here's what they had to say about the workshop:
  • "I feel more confident in my ability to give presentations--thanks!"
  • "I found useful the Q&A response tactics and a pausing technique that I can use."
  • "Most valuable: practicing with feedback from Denise and the other participants."
  • "Most valuable for me were the graceful ways with Q&A, critiques, video recording and moving around (walking and talking)."
The focus on extemporaneous speaking skills--including handling questions and answers, pacing, using your body movement as a dynamic factor in a presentation, and using a message to think on your feet--was a big hit, and a skill that our trainees will be using daily in their work.

Now that one group is good on its feet, it's time for us to keep moving. Here are some new ventures and updates from The Eloquent Woman:
  • The blog has several new features:  If you only experience the blog through Facebook or an RSS feed, check out the blog home page to see the features that only appear there.  This fall, I've added samples of the most popular posts in the right margin, so you can see what others are reading; a new point of entry to The Eloquent Woman's speaker resources store, stocked with the Kindles, books, gadgets, supplies and electronics I recommend for your presentations; and a new page about my speaking engagements and some of the topics on which I'm asked to speak.
  • The "Step Up Your Speaking" workbook companion to last year's online coaching series of the same name is now in the editing stages. It's a guide that will help you take that 15-week program and apply it to improving your speaking, whether you're a beginner or need to advance your skills even further. Stay tuned for the workbook launch and ordering details.
  • New workshops are coming:  I'll be doing another "Good On Your Feet" workshop in early 2011 and will share registration details soon, as well as a workshop for "The Networked Communicator," also in 2011. With a focus on creating online profiles and using social media to advance your career, the session also will include information useful to speakers who want to promote their speaking gigs online.
As always, I welcome your feedback and participation and am happy to put you on a waiting list for future workshops.  Thanks for reading!
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