Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Men and women use SlideShare differently

Do you use SlideShare? It's a popular site where you can post your presentation slides--and it's considered one measure of social-media credibility to have the most-shared set of slides. They make it easy by using tools that make it easy for you to embed the slides on your website, or share them via Twitter, Facebook and more (and I've added the SlideShare application to The Eloquent Woman on Facebook so you can share slides with us there.)  The SlideShare Zeitgeist has been released, full of data on who's using the site, how and why (see above slideshow) -- and it turns out that men and women are using the site differently. Among the findings:
  • The ratio of men to women sharing slides on the site:  3 to 1
  • Men's presentations have slightly more slides: 20, on average, compared to an average of 18 for women
  • The top tag for men's slide topics? Business. For women? Social
When I saw these statistics, I thought immediately of an earlier post, Who talks more: Men or women?, which describes what linguist Deborah Tannen has classified as men's tendency to "report-talk"--a higher comfort level speaking publicly, especially in meetings where they can report successes and progress--and women's "rapport-talk," focused on one-on-one interactions and building relationships.  What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments--and let me know whether you use SlideShare or similar sites.

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