Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The presenter's shadow rebels

Thanks to MAKE magazine, you can enjoy this April Fool's trick: a presentation in which the presenter's shadow appears to have a mind of its own. I guarantee the audience was glued to the screen for this!  And seriously, you might consider whether this kind of trick can help refocus your audience, with the help of a partner, er, cooperative shadow. Enjoy!

Virginia Woolf on finding your voice

I'm in London this week, and went to the British Library to soak up some inspiration.  Virginia Woolf's one of my favorite authors, and I stopped in front of this handwritten manuscript page from her novel Mrs. Dalloway. The library added this note from her diary entry of July 26, 1922, while she was writing this book: 
There's no doubt in my mind that I have found out how to begin to say something in my own voice; and that interests me so that I feel I can go ahead without praise.
She put her finger on two important concepts, whether you write or speak: saying what you have to say in your own voice, and forging ahead even without encouragement, because you believe in what you're doing. Have you found your speaking voice? What's it like?  (Photo from the British Library online gallery)