Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April's top ten tips and issues

Had a busy month? No time to stop and smell the flowers? Pause now and catch up on April's top tips and issues from the blog:

  1. Say no to a chance to speak?  Absolutely--if it's not going to work. This month's top post offers 7 times you should turn down a speaking gig.
  2. Learn from your audience via Twitter: I pulled a bunch of tweets from one observer of a conference--a well-known NPR staffer on Twitter--to illustrate what your audience can tell you. All I really need to know about public speaking I learned from Andy Carvin is the result, and this month's top post.
  3. How social media remixes public speaking looked at what's changing for speakers and the audience, and what you need to keep in mind when speaking these days.
  4. Should you be able to come up with a message quickly?  I don't think so, and this popular post on why crafting a message should take some time explains why. You can apply it to many situations, not just formal speeches.
  5. How to lose your starting advantage as a speaker looks at the need for a strong start from a new perspective: the don'ts, rather than the do's.
  6. Are you in your message house?  We talk a lot about crafting messages, but here's a simple strategy for making a message "house" to put your key points in context.
  7. Still struggling with ums?  Based on recurring questions on Facebook, I've pulled a series of posts on "ums" to create the all-in-one on ums -- a post that drew lots of comments, especially from those who advocate eradicating ums entirely, or trying to.
  8. Speaker quest: In search of the shared experience used an impromptu conference thrown together with speakers stranded by the Icelandic volcano to share tips on how speakers can bring the crowd together by acknowledging situations larger than the group.
  9. Working on a short talk or timing in general?  The TED website now lets you search for its popular talks by length, so you can practice your speech timing with them.
  10. This collection of readers' shared speaking tips rounds out this month's top 10.  Be sure to leave your own best tip in the comments!
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