Friday, July 9, 2010

Behind every great speaker is a ____________________.

On The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, I asked readers to finish the sentence, "Behind every great speaker is a...."  Here's what they came up with.  Add your contribution in the comments!
  • Kelli Stevens Levey said "nice backdrop," then added "a good tape recorder."
  • Professor Waterman said a "great communication course taught by a dedicated professor." Wonder who? 
  • Mishell Alberts went with "passion for the topic they are speaking on, good notes and the ability to connect with the audience." 
  • Carolyn Bledsoe said, "person who has worked hard to make sure that they are understood." 
  • Gwen Haynes chose "Person committed to engaging their audience with a little humor and some intellect."
  • Suzi Wackerbarth said "lot of research."
  • Michael Greisman got hopeful with "PPT-free screen."
  • Erika Seaborn chose "the confidence in knowing their subject and their voice."
This month, I'm asking readers to tell me their answers to the questions "Who are you? What are you looking for here?"  Follow the link to share your reasons, questions and challenges.