Monday, August 9, 2010

Would you rather express yourself on a blog, or give a speech?

On The Eloquent Woman on Facebook last week, I asked:
Would you rather write and publish your thoughts on a blog, or give a speech to a roomful of people?
I've been thinking about that choice recently while attending the BlogHer conference, wondering whether women find it easier to write than to speak their minds. At the conference, dozens of women bloggers told me they love expressing themselves on their blogs, but are shy about speaking. On the Facebook page, ten readers responded with both options in mind:
  • DeAnna Troupe chose "Blog. Then I won't have open mouth insert foot syndrome."
  • Katherine Nobles said, "Speech. I can always gauge the reaction of the audience then. Luckily, as a teacher, I am used to talking in front of groups! As long as I am confident in my subject material, I can make on the spot adjustments..."
  • Shauna Harrison confided, "I'm a roomful of people kind of girl."
  • Lauri Sheats Rottmayer went up the middle, saying, "I like both. :-)"
  • Carolyn Lawson Low made her choice clear: "Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog!"
  • Jill Whalen said, "Definitely both for me!"
  • Linda Mahon Howard prefers to "Definitely blog, but am somewhat comfortable with giving a speech to a roomful of people--especially when it is a topic that I am passionate about."
  • Sharon Larisey chooses to "Blog...horrific stage fright."
  • Weeze Bernier shared that "I'd choose to do a speech. It's all about the audience and "delivering" the message. I still haven't learned to trust myself with the same freedom in a blog."
  • Brenda Abney said she would "Blog. That way I don't miss or forget anything."
Which would you choose and why? Share your perspective in the comments.

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