Saturday, August 14, 2010

New way to weigh in on Eloquent Woman blog posts

Look at the bottom of any blog post on The Eloquent Woman and you'll now see a new way to weigh in: Checkboxes that let you say "will try this," "afraid to try this," or "inspiring!"  Try out the new buttons on these posts that are among the most popular with readers:

  1. The Step Up Your Speaking contest helped winner Stephanie Benoit's progress, but is a coaching program where all our readers can benefit.
  2. This blog's all about the preparation, and the Checklist for the Whole Speaker post -- a list that considers your intent, content, mind, body, wardrobe and technology before you set out to speak -- is a perennial favorite.
  3. You'll speak better if you gesture, and this post on the science behind effective gestures has become a regular reference for our readers.
  4. Conveying power is a key component of eloquence. No wonder these 6 strongest speaker statements are so well-read. Among them: "I don't know," one of the most powerful for any speaker.
  5. Questions can sometimes get your presentation off-track. Can you welcome questioners and manage Q&A at the same time? Our graceful ways with Q&A can help.
  6. Readers have a host of questions about the most important part of body language: eye contact. So we offered 5 eye contact tips for speakers, a perennially popular post.
  7. Storytelling's another critical skill for the eloquent speaker. In this post, you can see a top scientist demonstrate how to tell a story on yourself -- the most powerful stories are the most personal ones, I find.
  8. Can a tour guide be eloquent? I think so, and guiding tours is just one of many everyday situations where women have speaking opportunities. This post about my tour guide at the Martin Guitar Factory shares what you can learn from her.
  9. Readers and their questions inspire my best posts, and here, 7 readers offer you the best speaking advice that they've ever received--and put to actual use. Their tips cover Q&A, intros, practice, breathing, audience engagement, pacing and more.
  10. When the speaker needs to catch her breath, another reader-prompted post, looks at what's really happening when you go breathless while speaking--and what to do about it.
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