Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bring the TEDWomen conference to your community

How are women and girls reshaping the future? That's the question TEDWomen will take two days to explore, and now TED's inviting you to participate, no matter where you are located.  While the conference will take place in Washington, DC, this December, TED will be live-streaming it for free around the world--and is encouraging you to host or create partner events to go along with or around the conference. This page on details the ways you can get involved in TEDWomen, including:
  • Signing up to host a TEDxLive event around TED Women
  • Hosting a TEDxLive viewing party of the session
  • Contributing local ideas for the program
  • Suggesting a speaker
For example, you might be in a different time zone, and able to program a local set of panels before or after some of the TEDWomen sessions, or know of an unusual speaker, male or female, who should be featured. (I'm hoping a speaker will talk about women and men and public speaking, myself...) Remember, if you want an official event, you'll need to follow TED's rules for branding, seeking sponsors and more. Go here to find out how the program's shaping up, and more details on this two-day conference.

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