Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August's top 10 public speaking tips and topics

Just like footprints in the sand, these 10 posts left an impression with readers this month. Here are the most popular reads on the blog for August:
  1. The all-in-one on tears while speaking struck a nerve with readers.  It compiles new and old posts to give you a set of resources and inspiration in one location.
  2. When do women speakers need a tough skin? looked at the flip side of that coin, in another well-read post.
  3. TEDWomen's coming in December. This post urged you to bring it to your community via a coordinated live-streaming event you can organize. (One reader, a librarian, is going to aim for a live-streamed event in her library. Get creative and let us know where your events will be.)
  4. Introvert alert: I renovated my checklist to prepare the whole speaker, this time to share with introverted speakers what they need to do in addition to the usual prep.
  5. Who needs live speakers? One medical conference replaced live speakers at poster sessions, and found a dud on its hands.
  6. Who speaks faster?  A reader thought there might be gender differences, but in this post from our "speaking science" series, we looked at the research and found that not gender, but other factors, do affect your speaking speed.  Pace yourself with this post.
  7. Want to sound at ease and extemporaneous?  The paradox is you'll have to practice to do so.  This post also includes other paradoxes of public speaking listed by a popular productivity blog.
  8. Two women psychology experts looked at fear and public speaking--their own.  Their insights may help you if nerves are an issue when you speak.
  9. Check (out) your audience at the door advocates an up-front-and-personal way to greet--and research--your audience as it enters the room.
  10. On my way to the BlogHer conference, I mused about whether it's easier to write or blog than to speak in public, and how that may be holding some women back.
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