Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guest post on Kate's Voice -- my web 2.0 casserole

I wrote this post about using your voice to put a story across and was nearly done with it when I caught up with news that fellow coach Kate Peters, author of the Kate's Voice blog and a guest poster here, was going through a tough time with a medical crisis in her family.  So I offered this one to her, to take one thing off her plate--my version of a web 2.0 casserole for a colleague in need. The post looks at a recent NPR story on how storytelling gained importance for humans, usinge a "Get Mortified" public speaking performance as its main example.

Kate's a vocal coach with a great blog, well worth following there or on Twitter.  Enjoy the post and her blog!

What's the worst public speaking advice you've ever been given?

I posed this question on The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, and it took almost no time for a gang of readers to agree that the advice to picture the audience naked was their pick for worst speaking advice ever.  (Even so, I Can See You Nakedis one of the best-selling presentation books ever.)

But there were a couple of other nominees: Bobbi Newman voted for the advice "that feedback forms are important and useful" and Claire Duffy offered, "From my 5th grade teacher: 'To quell nerves let your eyes float above their heads'. Even then I knew it was stupid."

If you've had some other awful public speaking advice that did not stand the test of time (or even the first try), share it in the comments.