Thursday, October 7, 2010

New TED media player comes pre-loaded with talks, content guide

TED, the conference with high-profile talks, has been great for speakers who want to watch short, well-planned speeches and presentations that use innovative visuals and approaches.  And now you can download TED talks with a new Miro media player.  The free, open-source player comes pre-loaded with TED talks and lets you search them by themes and topics; there's also a content guide included.  The idea: It's a more reliable way to show TED talks if you're using them in a classroom or training session.  You do have to do some setup: Downloading and installing the player and Adobe Flash, subscribing to specific TED talk feeds, and downloading specific talks. But once they're on your player, you won't need Internet access to play them.  The Miro player also gives you access to lots of other audio and video podcasts and content.  The player is one of 4 ways to get more out of TED talks (the others are its newsletter, transcripts and RSS feed). Will you use this new tool--and if so, how? Share your ideas in the comments.

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