Thursday, January 13, 2011

The all-in-one on graceful ways to handle Q&A

Plenty of speakers can make it through their prepared remarks or presentations. But the question-and-answer session that follows can trip up even an expert speaker.  Handling Q&A with grace and ease--rather than getting rattled by questions or that answer you can't put your finger on--is a sought-after skill, from the boardroom to the lecture hall.  That's why handling Q-and-A is a big part of The Eloquent Woman's upcoming "Good On Your Feet" public speaking and presenting workshop, March 2 and 3 in Washington, DC.  We'll work on all the skills that lead up to a great question session, from working without notes and using a planned message to dynamic movement, how to relate to your questioners, and how to think--and talk--on your feet, even when the question is one for which you're not prepared.

To hold you over in the meantime, here are the blog's best posts on handling questions, another in our "all-in-one" collections:

"Good On Your Feet" isn't a typical public speaking workshop. The skills in this workshop will help you in  a variety of situations: public speaking, presentations, media interviews, even important conversations. It's guaranteed to be a small-group session, and one in which you'll have plenty of time for your own questions, practice and lots of coaching.

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