Thursday, January 27, 2011

Get 'Good On Your Feet' as a speaker in our March 2-3 workshop

Whether you're making a focused business presentation or an inspiring speech, you want to do more than read your text or your slides. How will you remember what you want to say, without looking at notes? What if you get a question out of left field--and freeze? How can you look confident and relaxed, instead of pinned to the lectern?

Those are the skills you can learn when you attend our next Good On Your Feet! workshop on dynamic public speaking and presentation skills, March 2 and 3 in Washington, DC..  It's a small-group, two-day intensive training that will show you how to get ready, relaxed and resilient in dealing with all kinds of speaker situations--while looking and feeling more prepared and confident.

Here's what participants in the last Good On Your Feet! workshop had to say:
  • "I feel more confident in my ability to give presentations--thanks!"
  • "I found useful the Q-and-A response tactics and a pausing technique that I can use."
  • "Most valuable: practicing with feedback from Denise and the other participants."
  • "Most valuable for me were the graceful ways with Q-and=A, critiques, video recording and moving around (walking and talking)."
You'll get takeaway materials, plenty of practice and coaching and continental breakfast, lunch and breaks each day of the workshop. Subscribers to our newsletters get a 25 percent discount on registration. Use the links below to subscribe, then reserve your place in the next Good On Your Feet! workshop here.

And if you 're a speaker wanting to know how to use social-media tools to promote your next gig, check out a February 18 lunch-and-learn, The Networked Communicator, in Washington, DC. You'll learn about which online profiles help you promote your speaking gigs, and how to make the best use of them.

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