Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Feel vulnerable when you speak? Embracing weaknesses to succeed

University of Houston social work researcher Brene Brown looks at "messy" topics in human relationships, like vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. In this TEDxHouston talk, she begins by sharing a public-speaking experience in which the organizer didn't want to call her a researcher because no one would come hear her talk.

You won't feel the same way once you've watched this talk. She looks at shame, fear and vulnerability--the feeling that "I'm not good enough"-- and its opposite, what gives people courage. If you watch this talk through the lens of public speaking, you'll gain lots of insights as to why we hesitate or charge in, volunteer or hang back, apologize or assert ourselves. One of her conclusions: Embracing your vulnerability may be a necessity in the effort to get past your perceived weaknesses. She describes her own issues with vulnerability, something I think many women will recognize. It's a powerful talk. What do you think about her findings and discoveries?

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Unknown said...

I watched this on TED a few months ago - Brene Brown's talk was inspiring and gave me an enormous sense of relief. I think her findings make utter sense on an absolute bone-deep, totally human level.