Thursday, March 31, 2011

March's top 10 public speaking tips and issues

This month, I'm seeing signs of spring and a growing interest in this blog's mix of inspiration, ideas and information about women and public speaking. Our version of March madness saw you piling up these posts in your readers. Here are your top 10 favorites:
  1. Feel vulnerable when you speak? Embracing weaknesses to succeed shared views from a researcher whose work looks at "messy" issues like vulnerability. She gives a great TEDxHouston talk, so there's video to savor.
  2. The all-in-one for introverts on public speaking: 6 essential resources summed up everything from a special pre-speaking checklist for introverts to how you can take advantage of what introverts do best in public speaking.
  3. Helen Keller: "I am not dumb now" and "Strike Against War" was a Famous Speech Friday selection from February that's still resonating this month.
  4. Don't wait to be asked: Take a permission audit of your speaking wonders whether you sound like you're asking permission, actually ask permission to speak or just wait to be asked. Concrete advice on reframing your language and maybe your thinking about how and when you speak.
  5. Davos forum to set quota for women at meeting, from January, looked at a new policy for the exclusive and high-powered business forum. This method of getting more women in the room, let alone on the program, is drawing a lot of attention.
  6. Moderators, skip the well-worn path with 14 creative themes and questions will help spice up your act for the next panel you moderate. Conference organizers have been sharing this with speakers already.
  7. Speakers, you *can* say more in less time than you think. Really. To prove it, this post shares insights from my trainings and gives you more resources on how fast you should be speaking and how little time it takes to pack a punch, verbally.
  8. Make a message "house" to give your key points context offers you a form on which to develop a three-point message and emphasize the need to focus on and reinforce those points. A tried-and-true post from April.
  9. Betty Friedan's call for a women's strike got March's Famous Speech Fridays off to a strong start. Check out how she turned a standard farewell speech into a call to arms that had women marching in the streets--and made family and friends finally see her as a serious political force. 
  10. Maya Angelou's eulogy for Coretta Scott King, a Famous Speech Friday item from last month, also picked up a lot of readers this month. Watch the video!
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