Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"The perfect preparation:" A downloadable checklist for the whole speaker

"I am printing it and hanging [it] in my office!" wrote a reader when I first published my checklist for the whole speaker, designed to make you think beyond just your speech to your mindset, your physical state, your audience interactions, technology and much more. A blog for lawyers and mediators went further, saying the checklist:
...isn't just for presenters. Instead, it is the perfect preparation for nearly every client meeting, negotiation and court appearance. Before your next high-stakes meeting, answer each question, first replacing 'Audience' with Client, Judge or even Opposing Counsel. I suspect you'll gain answers that make asking the questions worthwhile.
I've subsequently annotated the checklist at the request of readers to add items for introverts, who might want to make different preparations in addition to the list. Now, the good news: I've revised and updated this useful checklist as a handout that you can use, with appropriate credit to the source. Get your free copy of the Checklist for the whole speaker -- a two-page review sheet that will make sure you're not missing anything before your next speech, face-to-face meeting, conference call, webinar or presentation. Please do share this resource with your colleagues! I welcome your feedback and would love to hear how you're putting this popular checklist to use in your own speaking.

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