Thursday, February 10, 2011

Really? One speaker says: "I need to speed up to fill silences."

I asked readers of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, "If you could improve one thing about your public speaking, what would you focus on?"  and one reader said she wants to work on "Speaking a little faster. Toastmasters training helped me eliminate the filler words but removing all those um and er and ya know fillers left me with too many audible gaps."

Really? I'm not a fan of trying to eradicate ums and uhs, which are natural in every language and didn't become verboten until the advent of audio recordings of speech. My solutions are twofold: Develop some "time-buying phrases" that give you time to think of what to say next, and better yet, get comfortable with silences.  There's no reason your talk--no matter how long or short--needs to be a wall-to-wall carpet of sound. In fact, with a little planning, you can put pauses in aforethought and for effect.

Many speakers I know resort to speeding up to fill perceived (by them) awkward spaces and silences, or when they're afraid of being stopped and questioned.  But speaking too fast carries its own penalties and may mean your words go unabsorbed--and we mustn't have that, speakers. Check out the links below to learn more about speed, ums, silences and related topics.

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