Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May's top 10 public speaking and presenting tips

(Editor's note: I welcome the BlogHer readers directed here--but the post that directed you implied that this article was about tips for commencement speakers. Not so! However, you'll find good commencement examples, inspiration and tips in these posts. Enjoy your visit to The Eloquent Woman.)

It's commencement season, which means lots of speaking...and these 10 posts went to the head of the class with readers. From Twitter and Skype to colors, memory and credibility, here are The Eloquent Woman posts that caught your attention this month:
  1. 3 unexpected things Twitter can add to your next talk -- from audio and market research to creative taglines and descriptions -- was far and away this month's most popular post.
  2. Why speakers should use the invisible visual reminds you that the most memorable and powerful visual is the one in the mind's eye of your audience members. Here's how to create it and use it as a key speaking tool.
  3. When you're speaking, what colors should you wear? takes what might seem like a frivolous question and helps you think it through when you're on camera or a variety of backdrops. Tips for choosing colors based on your coloring are included.
  4. Do you over-explain? 5 speaker tricks for using data, details wisely was a late-April post that continued to draw readers this month. From speakers with too many slides to those that do themselves in with excessive explanation, this post's for you.
  5. Why speakers (and listeners) remember 3 things best looks at modern research on why three's the magic number for being memorable--and to avoid forgetting your points.  
  6. The all-in-one on credibility for speakers: 12 respect-building resources gives you a dozen posts on topics from introducing yourself without bragging to handling a tough crowd while remaining credible.
  7. 4 tips for better speaking on Skype or video conferences takes its cues from reports about how these meeting and conferencing options are changing, cueing you about everything from HD quality cameras to where you should look when speaking on video.
  8. Famous Speech Friday: Helen Keller "I am not dumb now" and "Strike Against War" is a February post that's still going strong. I'm glad we can extend her voice in this way--and you can hear her speak in a recording in the post.
  9. Famous Speech Friday: Susan B. Anthony, "Is it a crime for a U.S. citizen to vote?" stirred a lot of responses, and no wonder. Learn about this speech following her arrest for attempting to vote--and the alligator bag she used to carry her speeches.
  10. The speech I wish she'd given: The messy side of women's issues shares a chapter from a top chef's memoir where she tells how she punted on a panel about women's issues in her profession--and why. You get to read about that speech I wish she'd given, all prompted by a female student's question about whether it was okay to cry on the job.
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