Monday, June 6, 2011

Voice-only speaking (think conference calls) in Step Up Your Speaking newsletter, for Tuesday

What if you were asked to speak, then told that you wouldn't be able to see the audience, nor they you? That would mean no props, no slides, no gestures, no need for that colorful outfit--and no cues from your listeners as to their level of attention. Sound crazy? It happens every day in webinars, conference calls and phone media interviews, which are among the most common types of public speaking. That voice-only speaking is the focus of this month's Step Up Your Speaking, my free email newsletter that looks at one speaking issue in depth every month.  The next issue comes out tomorrow. This time, you'll get tips on strategizing for an invisible audience, how to break into a conference call and interject your points without asking permission, handling "media tours" or any situation where you're doing phone calls again and again, and ways to vocalize to hold listeners' interest. Sign up at the links below and share this with a conference calling colleague!

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