Thursday, June 30, 2011

June's top 10 public speaking tips and issues

This month's popular posts bloomed like a mixed bouquet, with all the types of information we like best at The Eloquent Woman: preparation tips, inspiring women speakers to steal ideas from, wardrobe tips, language considerations and more. Here are the most-read posts of the month:
  1. "The perfect preparation:" A downloadable checklist for the whole speaker was far and away the month's most popular post. It's got a 2-page free download of questions to ask yourself before any speaking situation, from small meeting to big speech. Please do share this link with your friends and colleagues.
  2. Famous Speech Friday: Sheryl Sandberg's Barnard commencement address is a recent talk with a strong message for women. Learn from this effective, smart speaker.
  3. Wardrobe lessons from a woman who packed only underwear for TED will wow you with its color and humor--but a serious message is underlying those layers of clothing. A strong example of making your wardrobe deliver your message.
  4. The sushi of speaking: 7 bite-sized ideas to get you speech-ready revised a classic post from the vault so it's updated to get you ready to speak. I like to take this list with me to speaking gigs--great last-minute reminders.
  5. Famous Speech Friday: Susan B. Anthony's "Is it a crime for a U.S. citizen to vote?", another May post, kept going strong this month. Seems appropriate, heading into the U.S. Independence Day holiday...
  6. Why speakers should use the invisible visual, a late-breaking May post, suggests you trade slides for language that will help your listeners "see" your image in their minds. A powerful, underused tactic.
  7. May's top 10 public speaking tips were catch-up reading for many of you this month.
  8. From the vault: How to introduce yourself without bragging replaces any embarrassment you may feel with concrete, practical ways to make yourself known. Try these ideas!
  9. 4 ways to plan a panel to delight the audience has some of the simplest ideas...and rarest. We'd all have happier audiences if panels stuck to these four simple rules.
  10. Famous Speech Friday: Rose Schneiderman on the Triangle Fire is one of the shortest speeches featured on this blog--and one of the most powerful. 100 years old this year, it still resonates.
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